LiLo Hard Seltzer Review

I was very kindly sent a sample of Lilo’s brand new Hard Seltzer flavours to test and review.

“Lighter and Lower in calories and alcoholic volume than any other hard seltzer available in the UK” Some bold claims. I was instantly intrigued.

Firstly, I had never tried a hard seltzer up until this point in my life. I’d heard a lot about them as they are huge in the USA and are fast becoming popular here in the UK.

For those who don’t know, a Hard Seltzer is a type of drink that contains carbonated water, alcohol and usually fruit favouring. Have a gander at the ready to drink shelf the next time you are in the supermarket and you will be surprised how much it’s changing. Sugar filled alcopops are on the way out. There is so clearly a market for a more sophisticated beverage and people are a lot more interested in what goes into their drinks these days.

LiLo set out with the intention to make a drink that was lower calorie and less alcoholic than what was currently being produced. They created a drink using sparkling Scottish water alongside a unique botanical spirit. With an ABV of 3.5% making the alcohol content 0.9 units per can and a calorie content of 44 I feel they achieved that. But what about the flavour?

Launched in Dec 2020 they have two flavours currently but with more planned in the future.

White Grape and Elderflower

Using lemon verbena and orange peel this surprised me as I’m not a fan of floral flavours. I would call this my Goldilocks drink. Not too sweet, not too floral, not too fizzy, just right. It has a really great taste without any fake sweetness that you get from a lot of drinks. I expected it to be like the flavoured fizzy waters you can buy but was very surprised by it’s delicate touch. Really nice with ice and garnished with some dried orange. A good option if you want to keep your units in check and reduce your sugar intake.

Cranberry and Rosehip

Unusual combination with grains of paradise and ginger also being used to induce a subtle warmth and earthiness. Really refreshing and had a great aftertaste. A little bitterness from the rosehip complimented by a slight sweetness from the cranberry. I really enjoyed this one but if I didn’t know then I would never consider this to be alcoholic it had no spirit flavour – good thing or bad thing, you decide.

My overall impression of these Lilo Hard Seltzers was favourable. I was greatly impressed with the delicate flavourings of both drinks and the lack of sweetness. A gentle fizz and clean aftertaste means I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for a low calorie and low alcohol content drink.

I can’t forget to mention the artwork on the cans. Designed by artist Maria Rivans, cityscapes and wild animals are shown beautifully. Said to be inspired by a harmony between nature and city living. I think they are stunning and very Insta friendly!

You can purchase Lilo Hard Seltzers from Craft56 and also direct from

If you use the Discount Code SIPPING10 at checkout you will receive 10% off!

Please go check them out



I was gifted samples of Lilo Hard Seltzer’s to review but all thoughts and opinions are my own. If you have any questions then please get in touch!



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