Hello! And welcome to Sipping and Styling.

I wanted a place I could talk freely about my love of gin, rum, wine and cocktails. There has never been so much choice out there, no longer are you stuck with a warm glass of Chardonnay at a party!

I have always enjoyed a wee G & T, but only recently have I discovered that what had been holding me back from appreciated a range of gins was the fact that I didn’t like the flavour of the cheaper tonics I had been served. The revelation of what a good mixer can do for a spirit and the fact that my palate is continually adapting has led me on a quest to discover how to help people get more from their drinking experience.

And on to style. Now first of all let me say my style is questionable – so if you are all over the latest trends then I can point you in the direction of some of amazing fashion and beauty bloggers! This sites style advice will be for women who are stuck in a rut. Not quite young enough for the River Island must have’s but not yet near the Marks and Sparks staples. I want to inspire a new love of style for my post baby/emerging from the toddler years/how the fuck am I in my mid-thirties self!

Sipping and Styling, if it were a place, would be a friends back garden. Where everyone is on miss matched plastic chairs and the gossip is in full flow! So get the ice and join me as I share with you the sipping and styling world of a 30’s chick with humour and passion.

Get in touch with any questions or suggestions, I love hearing from you!

Pam xxx


Disclaimer – I always promote drinking responsibly and within the national guidelines. Know your limits.  If you or anyone you know feels you may have a problem then please seek advice. All opinions are my own.