Behind The Blogger featuring The Gin Lord

Delighted this week to bring to you Rory Faiers AKA The Gin Lord to my Behind The Blogger series. A bigger gin geek you’d be hard pushed to find! Rory is a key figure in the online gin community and is always on hand to offer advice and support.

Having recently become a Dad for the first time I was surprised when he so readily offered to take part! Thanks again Rory, may your gin always be as strong as your babys ability to withstand sleep!

Behind The Blogger

So, can you tell is what your page is all about?

The Gin Lord is just little old me chatting about mainly Gin, but more recently other types of booze! Occasionally review, mix up cocktails and just try to keep things light hearted and fun. I can go super geeky sometimes, but that’s only because I LOVE knowing everything there is to know about a topic.

Do you have a blog or do you mainly use social media to share your thoughts?

I do have a website that is somewhat neglected. I tend to write an article and forget about it or life just gets in the way. I have vowed to get this back up and running next month. Mainly my content is on Instagram And Twitter. Occasionally Facebook.
What was the turning point that made you decide to get involved in the drink blogging world?

I started out about 5 years ago – I’ve always enjoyed Gin, long before it became so popular. I started experimenting with cocktails and posting them on my personal Instagram page and noticed brands would engage with these pictures. I then wanted to enhance my knowledge of Gin so booked on a Distillery tour at Haymans (back when they were based in Witham, Essex) – and started the page – The Gin Lord.

Did you set out with any goals? (Did you want to write reviews for distilleries, make recipes or just write about something you were interested in?)

I always set out some basic principles. I’d always use my own pictures. I’d always be honest. I’d always be authentic. I never bought followers, or likes or anything like that – I wanted to do it properly.

The goal quickly became – I want to mak my own gin. I did this quite quickly but it wasn’t enough. I wanted a brand. I wanted to learn – and I wanted to carry on with what I had built.

Do you have any drink industry experience and do you think that makes a difference to how people perceive your opinion?

Not particularly- only working behind a bar when I was younger. I read, learn and make an effort to always gain news skills and information.

What do you hope people take away from your writing?

Honesty and ease. I don’t like to make things too complicated, I try and make things as relatable as possible. I don’t tend to go mad on ingredients or make anything too elaborate!

Who are you when you are away from the gin and drinks pages? Tell us more about the person behind the name?

Well, my wife and I have just welcomed the safe arrival of our beautiful little girl Penelope – so she is taking up a lot of our time at the moment – quite rightly so!

I love Cooking and eating great food, spending time in the Garden and obsessed with TV and Film.

Has there been anyone who’s inspired your blogging journey?

Pages that I first followed like Emmas Gin Monkey and Caroline’s The Gin Queen were always the ones I thought were the best and inspired me to start my own page. I was conscious I didn’t just want to replicate and tried to have my own identity. But there are some amazing pages out there, it’s always great to meet and chat to people, no matter how long they’ve been blogging.

Future goals?

Continue doing what I’ve always done. I’m venturing into other spirits and booze which is exciting and fun! I will eventually get my spirits outside of Suffolk and launch properly too!

I’m also determined to finally get up to Scotland when this whole lockdown is over and done with – so many people to meet and bars to visit!!!

Rory Faiers AKA The Gin Lord

Thanks again for taking part Rory.

Don’t forget to call when you are on the way to Scotland! The Scottish Gin contingent will make you very welcome!!

If you want to check out The Gin Lord online then you can follow him here –

Take a look at Rory Faiers – The Gin Lord (@TheGinLordUK):

Tune in next time to see more Behind The Blogger action! Is there anyone you admire in the drink community who you would like me to interview? Let me know!

Pam x


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