Behind the Blogger Series Featuring The Scottish Alchemists

So this is a little left field, as this week we are going to concentrate on a non-blog!

The Scottish Alchemists host a podcast and have built their brand on social media. A more welcoming trio you could not imagine. I am delighted to introduce Jenni, Joyce and Carol to you here on Behind The Blogger!

So please tell us what are The Scottish Alchemists are all about?

Well we aren’t bloggers but we use social media to build on our core aims which, as well as hosting gin events, is about helping people to enjoy and find their own taste of gin. We use our skills of hosting and our experience of helping others learn, in the context of the world of gin.

How did you decide what platform to use?

We podcast rather than blog. Podcasts are accessible in a way that blogs aren’t. We do use social media to post about our own experiences tasting gins or creating gin mixtures but in a podcast, listeners can join us while gardening, walking, exercising etc. Our weekly podcasts cover what’s been happening in the gin world that week; a chemistry of gin section and a gin inspiration part. Our content isn’t dictated by relationships with third parties and we are independent enthusiasts- we don’t rehearse so have no idea what the others will chat about. Basically you’re joining us sitting in the virtual pub having a blether (chat).

What was the turning point that made you want to get involved in the drink community?

We had been hosting events for a while and it was after another successful Highland games that we decided to make what we do more structured. We still keep it fun, but have increased our social media presence in the gin world, as we felt we had something unique to offer in our podcasts. In this sense we are late to the party but it’s given us time to hone what we do.

Did you set out with any goals? (did you want to write reviews for distilleries,make recipes or just want to write about something you were interested in?)

Our main aim is to help people find their own tastes in gin – there’s a gin out there for everyone and we help you find it . We wanted share our own experiences and tastes to give other people the confidence to experiment and recognise their own preferences and choose garnishes to compliment and contrast. We know everyone responds differently so we are able to use our professional expertise as well as our typical Glasgow banter to build relationships and add in a bit of humour to make the situation, whether it’s a gin tasting or podcast, fun and informative.

Do you have any drink industry experience and do you think that makes a difference to how people perceive your opinion?

No formal drink industry experience other that the fact that we love to drink gin and have amassed a wide selection of gin from all over the world. We all have different palates and preferences and we demonstrate there is no right or wrong. Our skills and experiences come from the world of learning – we are all professional educators in different areas and it is this knowledge of how people learn best, that really sets us apart from those who still think that telling people what to think actually helps them to learn.

What do you hope people take away from your writing?

We hope people enjoy our podcasts, have a giggle and get to know and trust us. It’s all about building relationships to help people become more confident in their own taste and choices – its really personal development through the medium of gin ….and we hope people want to join us for a drink!

Who are you when you are away from the gin and drinks pages? Tell us more about the person behind the name? By the way, where did you get the name for your page?

Jenni – formerly a training manager in financial services , Joyce – runs her own facilitation business in the education industry, Carol – formerly a chemist in industry but now a teacher in school. The Alchemists came from the Chemistry link and also the metaphor of helping people to find their own ‘elixir of life’ and Scottish …well you just have to listen.

Has there been anyone who’s inspired your blogging journey?

No one person that has inspired us, but our inspiration has been to cut through all the bullshit that’s out there… we say it like it is and have fun while doing it. We are not afraid to comment that a gin isn’t to our taste but recognise that it may suit others as we all have different palates.

Future goals?

To take our gin events to markets which are still learning about gin – The Calgary Stampede is on our radar as well as other venues abroad. To work with good quality gins like Habibi gin in Vienna who we have built a good relationship with and help other local distilleries reach other markets through personal recommendations and tastings.

Anything else to add?

Give us a listen – find out more for yourself and hopefully we’ll get to meet our listeners at some of our events in the future.

I can definitely concur that you need to give them a listen. It will remind you of a fun afternoon at the pub! Straight talking and fun loving with masses of passion and energy! I am knew to podcasts but can totally see the appeal. Are you more likely to listen to a podcast than read a blog nowadays? Let me know!

To find out more about The Scottish Alchemists visit:

Thanks so much to the ladies at The Scottish Alchemists. I cannot wait to meet them in person someday as I have no doubt the banter would be phenomenal!

Stay tuned for the next installment of Behind The Blogger!



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