Ninefold Rum Review and Recipes

I am so excited to be able to share this review of Ninefold rum, finally! I got the chance to visit the distillery last year and taste a little sample (please head and read about the distillery here – Ninefold Distillery Visit) but wanted to leave a full review until I’d really had a chance to properly play around with a bottle.

Ninefold is a rum distillery based in South West Scotland, run by Dr Kit Carruthers. Kit’s approach is rather refreshing, he set out to make a white rum that could be an alternative in bars to what was currently on the market. A mixing rum rather than a craft creation. White rum doesn’t have a great reputation, Bacardi is probably what your mum drank in the 80’s. But how many of you love a Mai Tai or a Mojito?

Rum is on the rise and Ninefold are riding high on the wave. The branding of the label and bottle is beautiful and I love that the symbol on the bottle is their family crest. It can’t be denied that a good looking bottle is a major pull these days.

On the nose.

I envision that whoosh of booze you get from other white rums but Ninefold doesn’t have much alcohol on the nose. I get a burst of toffee sweetness alongside an almost tropical mango with just a hint of vanilla – and no, this isn’t a spiced rum!

To taste.

This is clean – possible from the copper still or the water. It’s actually sippable which isn’t expected. Nicely balanced with a toffee tone coming through alongside those bursts of fruit freshness. A little spice tingles the tongue and it is so smooth.


A little alcohol is left to warm your tongue and I’m left with a nice sweet but tropical flavour. Remembering this is an unaged rum I am shocked at the flavour it is packing.

This rum was invented as a mixer and it makes a damn fine rum and coke but also has enough character to stand up to ginger beer. But my favourite way to enjoy rum of course is in some cocktails!

I went wild.

Passion fruit Mojito

The tart yet sweet flavours of passion fruit work brilliantly with lime and mint, and Ninefold manages to hold it’s own and really make this drink pop.

• 50ml Ninefold Rum
• 8 mint leaves
• 1/4 lime
• half a ripe passion fruit
• soda water
• tsp sugar syrup

Muddle your mint and lime with the sugar syrup them scoop in half of a passion fruit (make sure the skin is wrinkly and it will be perfectly ripe). Fill the glass with crushed ice and add your rum.
Top with soda and give it a little mix up.
So easy and so good! You can alter the syrup if you like it sweeter.
Mojitos are my favourite cocktail to show people how to make. They are super easy and can be adapted to use whatever you have. No passion fruit? Stick some raspberries in!

Talking of raspberries, here is my Raspberry Razzle.

This is a fruity twist on the dark and stormy! I love ginger beer so playing about I made some raspberry ginger beer!
To make my “raspberry ginger beer” I boiled up 3 cups of water with quarter of a cup of sugar and about an inch of fresh ginger that I’d roughly grated and a cup of raspberries. I took it off the heat and allowed it to cool for an hour before straining through a muslin. I added another cup of water then put it in the soda stream!
To make the cocktail:

• 50ml Ninefold Rum
• squeeze of half a lime
• top with raspberry ginger beer

If you want is simpler then just muddle raspberries and lime in a glass, pour in your ice and rum then top with normal ginger beer! Still tastes amazing the flavours all sing.

And finally I really went to town with a riff on one of my favourite gin cocktails the gin sour.

Ninefold Coconut Sour

I love frothy cocktails and a gin sour is one of my favourites. I wondered how rum would work and when I subbed the gin in my usual recipe it came out a treat …but me being me I’m always looking at ways to expand my recipes. So I took some fresh coconut and blitzed it a little coconut water. I added this to some rum and let it infuse for just an hour and strained, the flavour was insane!

• 50ml coconut infused Ninefold rum
• 20ml cranberry juice
• 10ml sugar syrup
• squeeze of lime
• 1 egg white (or 40ml aquafaba to make it vegan)
Dry shake then add ice and shake ot good! Strain into a martini glass or coupe and garnish!

Now that I’ve started exploring infusing rum, I’m keen to continue. Coffee rum for my next Espresso Martini, pineapple infused rum for a Mai Tai – watch this space!

Hope you have enjoyed the review of Ninefold Rum and take something away from the recipes! Let me know what you think! You can find out more and buy your own Ninefold here Ninefold Distillery. If you are lucky enough to live nearby you even get your rum delivered by the distiller himself!



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