Lussa Gin – Part Of International Scottish Gin Day

Ask someone to point out Jura on a map and they would perhaps wave vaguely in the direction of one on the many Scottish Islands. But few would manage to mark it out correctly.Jura is an island in the Inner Hebrides and sits off the West Coast of Scotland, it is definitely not one of the more easily accessable places to visit. This is why it’s landscape – consisting of breathtaking mountains, the Paps of Jura, Corryvreckan Whirlpool, around 5000 red deer, otters, golden eagles, grey seals and dolphins to name only a few – manages to remain wild and intact.The land was what brought three friends together and where Lussa Gin was born.“We’re not just gin lovers. We’re gin adventurers!”

Is the tagline for Lussa and after hearing how they go about getting their botanicals I believe them. Lussa Gin contains 15 botanicals and they are sourced as much as humanly possible from the Isle of Jura.

Lemon thyme isn’t just sourced from their own poly tunnels, but from shared access to members of their communities gardens. Orris root is planted and harvested after two years before being dried for 3-5 years. Bog myrtle is foraged from squelching through the oozy bog land. Bringing a key piece of the landscape to the gin and sea lettuce brings elements of the islands coastline to the fore.

In 2015, Alicia MacInnes, Claire Fletcher and Georgina Kitching embarked on a huge undertaking, bringing individual skills and backgrounds along with a shared love of the island and a passion to make a quality spirit. Their gin is distilled in a Portuguese, handcrafted copper still called Jim. The mixture is distilled over the course of a whole day and bottled at 42%. The ingredients used were all selected to bring something to the table and make the gin have a true feeling of place. They hope to be harvesting their own juniper by 2022.

LussaDistilled at Ardlussa on the Isle of Jura 42% London Dry Style

Botanicals – lemon thyme, coriander seed, rose petals, lemon balm, lime flowers, elderflower, honeysuckle, bog myrtle, orris root, juniper, water mint, sea lettuce, scots pine, ground elder and wild rose.

On the Nose

Fresh. Slightly floral with a zingy undertone coming through. Really inspires you to get on and have a sip.

To Taste

Juniper first and foremost but quickly eases away from a boozy hit to a light sea breeze taste. A warm, earthy aromatic flavour boosts in next which must be the coriander seed. Then a bust of freshness and subtle floral softness, before that juniper dryness at the end. When I add a dash of tonic it really opens up the floral notes and a brings a light spice to your tongue. Overall singing with the lemon balm and refreshingly morish. Lovely soft mouthfeel, almost creamy. An absolute delight.

After Thoughts

Blown away by the complexity of this spirit. It is so forgiving to mixers and additions as it has so much to give. I tried it in a negroni as well as an espresso martini and it held it’s own. I found it incredible with just a splash of tonic however, 1:2 ratio for me. Garnished with rosemary and dried cranberry.Lussa Gin is an official Scottish Gin of International Scottish Gin Day. A day set up to celebrate all things Scottish Gin.Natalie and Martin are co-founders of The Gin Cooperative (the world’s largest website dedicated to supporting Scottish Gin) and through this page they have built a way of educating the consumer as well as providing a resource for trade to discover more about the people and places behind Scottish Gin. They set up International Scottish Gin Day to share this passion and the story of Scottish Gin with a global audience.International Scottish Gin Day is on Saturday 8th August this year, and I can’t wait to see what events there are planned. If you want to keep up to date then head over to the ISGD website here.To find out more about Lussa Gin, please take a look at their beautiful website and seriously consider putting this on your next ginny wishlist! Https://


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