GWYR Rhamanta Gin Review

The Gower Gin Company have been making huge waves across social media over the last six months. I love their branding and their bottles are easily distinguishable – look out for the horizontal stripes! For February’s Craft Gin Club box they were asked to come up with a suitable gin to celebrate Valentine’s and they knew they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make something special for a bunch of gin enthusiasts!

Gower Gin started with a love story, so it’s only fitting that they have now released a romantic themed spirit. Siân and Andrew met as students, had some friendly rivalry then spent a year travelling, ending in an engagement at the top of Machu Picchu. They continued travelling then settled in Port Enyon in Wales.

Years passed and their love of gin grew so much so that they did the famous blending course at Portobello Roads Ginstitute. This kick started their business plans as they realised they wanted to create a gin that paid homage and reverance to Wales, in essence they wanted their gin to belong to Gower.

Rhamanta is the Welsh tradition for divining one’s romantic future. The ancient act dictates that a would be couple place two grains of wheat on a shovel and hold it over a flame. The heat make the grains swell and move, if the grains jump off the shovel at the same time it means you have found a partner for life! I love this! 18 years down the line with my man it may be a bit late to check for me! But the word Rhamanta is also a command to “be romantic” so I feel it gives the drinker a great thing to think about while sipping the gin.

Foraged wild fennel, juniper, coriander, angelica, orris root, fresh pink grapefruit, fresh lemon zest, pomegranate seeds and red rose petals come together to make the Rhamanta expression.

The aromatic red roses are from their garden and they wanted to incorporate them along with pomegranate which is also known as love apple. It has been a symbol of love and fertility for centuries. Locally foraged fennel brought together the flower and fruit combo.

On the nose.

Soft, not as perfumed as I expected. Floral notes and heady juniper. I was really surprised not to have my senses assaulted by the rose. Usually when anything has an addition of rose it tends to overpower but the floral rose notes are subtle to smell.

First sip.

Sweet. More fruity than I expected with a lingering kick of that juniper. Lots of lovely aniseed comes through from the fennel but the rose seems to pair it back and softens on your palate.

Next taste.

Vanilla. I’m definitely getting vanilla but got no idea where that would be coming from (If anyone can shed any light then get in touch!) The rose is so subtle but at the same time you get it in spades which is fantastic. You know the distillers have really concentrated on the process when each botanical works together rather than overpowers. A delicious spice starts to build and before it gets too much it is gone with a flush of sweet citrus. Lingering liquorice and juniper.

After thoughts.

I was really delighted not to have too much floral flavour coming at me and was surprised at how well the fennel brought the sweet flavours together. A really enjoyable sip. This gin fit the brief to a tee. If you are looking for a sophisticated take on a Valentine’s inspired gin then give this a go.

Also check out Gower Gin here: The Gower Gin Company.  You can see the other spirits in their range and get a feel for what pushes them to make the Welsh inspired spirits that you will be hearing about all over the place soon.

Good job Craft Gin Club, a great Valentine’s edition!  If you want to know more about Craft Gin Club then check them out here: Craft Gin Club.

As always all thoughts, opinions and reviews are my own. Any mistakes are also my own.

Let me know of you’ve tried out Craft Gin Club or any of the other Gower Gins before!

Pam x