Greensand Ridge Wealden Rum Review

Rum – in case you haven’t heard – is going to be the next big thing. There has been a rise in UK rum production and it is taking inspiration from the craft gin industry, noticing how consumers want to know where their spirit comes from and the story behind it. Greensand Ridge are ticking all the boxes.


I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of Greensand Ridge Wealden Rum by Will Edge the distiller, to give an honest review. All thoughts are my own.


Their distillery in Kent is thought to be the first carbon neutral distillery in the UK. The process behind their decision to become carbon neutral and their distillery work ethic is actually a brilliant read. It made me question a lot of what I take for granted.  You can find out all about their journey to sustainability here Greensand Distillery.


Renewable power, chemical free production, heat recovery system, no plastics as well as working with farmers to mitigate waste by using surplus that the supermarkets won’t take. In today’s climate this is what we expect to see from industry, yet they are one of the trendsetters to really push the boundaries of what it is possible and it is clearly a passion that shines through. They are winning awards for their range of spirits as well as their distillery. But it was the Wealden Rum that I was most excited to hear about.


Weald is the area of Kent where the distillery is based and this is where the name Wealden Rum comes from.  Made from sugar molasses and fermented using non – traditional techniques they have achieved a honey floral flavour to their rum. It is then aged in ex-bourbon whiskey barrels (taking advantage of the USA regulations that force bourbon  producers to use fresh barrels to age their spirit) to achieve a natural golden hue. Bottled at 40%.

Wealden rum

When I first smelt the rum I got the unmistakable rum molasses hit with a grassy aroma.   I drank it firstly neat then added ice to open it up. The one thing that sticks with me is how smooth it was. A gorgeous sipping rum it has a delicate initial taste which is quickly followed by a floral note.  I could detect the faintest tropical fruits and strangely very little sweetness. Or, in fact, a different kind of sweetness to what you often get in rums today. There was a lack of artificial flavour that you get in many sugar sweetened and flavoured rums. This gives the spirit a much better mouthfeel, not syrupy. But still sweet enough to enjoy neat. Afterwards I get a strong raisin finish.


I tried it with a few ginger beers and my favourite was the John Crabbie’s cloudy Ginger Beer. It worked really well, even though I initially through the rum wouldn’t hold up it really does shine through.  I was hesitant to try it with much else as it really does drink very well straight up on the rocks. But in the interest of research I had it in a few hastily made cocktails.


Old Fashioned

• 40ml Wealden Rum
• two dashes Angustoru Orange bitters
• large cube of ice
• 1/2 tsp sugar

– combine sugar and bitters to a tumbler
– add ice cube and pour over the rum
– use a bartenders spoon to infuse everything and garnish with a slice of orange.


Pams Punch

•40ml Wealden rum
• 20ml grapefruit juice
•40ml pineapple juice
•50ml Cava
• squeeze lime
• sprig of rosemary

– shake the rum, grapefruit and pineapple juice then pour into a tall glass with some ice.
– top with Cava and garnish with a squeeze of lime and sprig of rosemary.


This is a brilliantly versatile rum and has been a great way to kick off my rum review series.  Stay tuned to my page as  I go in search of the best rums the UK has to offer and also tell you a bit more about rum as a spirit.

Greensand Ridge Wealden Rum
Not just for pirates



Pam xxx





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