Pothecary Trinity Blend Review

Pothecary gin have just released a new blend they have named Trinity. This gin gave me all of the thrills with none of the frills.


I was kindly sent a bottle of Trinity Blend by Martin at Pothecary Gin – many thanks! This review is my own and no input or restrictions were given.


Pothecary Gin was the brainchild of Martin Jennings and Lukasz Dwornik. With almost 40 years experience in the drink and hospitality industry, they (like many others), after a gin and tonic one night, thought that they could make something better. Unlike most others though, they have succeeded.

At Pothecary Gin they take a highly unusual approach by distilling each botanical separately then blending before dilution. Using fractional distillation, they say this gives them greater control over quality and allows for more flexibility. I think they are on to something.

Review of pothecary trinity blend

Trinity Blend. 


The bottle is nothing too fancy but the label has a nice classic look. With all the crazy designs out there it takes a lot to compete, so they have stripped it back to basics and I love it. The cork is a nice touch and the effect is very old style.  It has a great stylish look and I think it holds it’s own against the bottles out there.


At 49% it is safe to say that along with a juniper burst there is a definite ethanol hit upon smelling this from the bottle. Nosed from a glass it opens up with a splash of water and there comes a mild floral aroma but the piney zest from the juniper still prevails.


This was warming and a little overpowering to drink neat. Ice mellowed out the alcohol and a splash -although not too much – of a nice light tonic brought out an array of flavours. Apple crisp with a little bitter orange. This is the bergamot coming through. It is such a nice twist to the usual lemon, it has a lovely sweetness that isn’t overpowering before coming back to the piney juniper and finishing delightfully dry. I get lavender, corriander and citrus.


I love a classic gin. For reference my favourite classic gins would be Portobello Road, Plymouth and Oro – read my review of this HERE  In the midst of the current obsession with flavoured gins it is a relief to see someone make it their ambition to make the best juniper led gin they can. A rebellion against the unicorn pink sparkle brigade, if you will.

This gin is 100% organic and I feel that the simplicity of the bottle reflects their mission. This gin would make a seriously great cocktail, I’m thinking of a negroni or a gimlet. Yum! I tried it with a few different tonics and found the Fevertree Light the best for me with a slice of lemon. Ratio of 50:50. I’m not one for flooding a good gin. It also worked really well with Lamb and Watt original tonic. I’m also not one for mad garnishes so you can feel free to experiment and let me know what works for you.

Pothecary trinity

Overall I would recommend this gin to anyone who likes things kept classic. Drinking this gave me all the thrills because it came with none of the frills of some gins of late.

Mostly when I want a gin I don’t want to be bombarded with flavours and left wondering where the juniper is. Although there certainly is a time and a place for different flavours! You get some punchy floral and citrus here but so well balanced. When I’m looking for a juniper led gin then I will be seeking this bottle out.

You can find out more about Pothecary gin here http://pothecarygin.co.uk.

You can now buy Trinity Blend from all Pothecary stockists in and around Christchurch as well as online at Gin Foundry.

You can keep up to date with all Pothecary Gin news by following them across all the social channels, just seach Pothecary Gin. Definitely one to watch out for.

What is your favourite style of gin?

Pam xxx


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