Mackintosh Gin Review

I’m always excited when I hear that a new Scottish gin has made it to the bottling stage. I know the blood, sweat and tears that goes into not just creating a great product but getting the finance to get it to market.


I had been reading about the progress of Mackintosh gin for a while. Started by husband and wife James and Deborah this is an Angus based, produced and bottled gin. They are a real family business having had their three daughters involved in branding and development. You can find out more about them here – Mackintosh Gin.

Gin review

I was sent a sample bottle along with some tonic. They suggest that you enjoy their gin YOUR way. Which says a lot. In a time when too many distillers are getting dictatorish about how you should be enjoying your drink (often with elements added that you would be hard pushed to find in your local shop!) it’s quite refreshing for a producer to put the customers wants first. I know for a fact that the way you enjoy your gin is very personal, tonic selection can play a huge part in enjoyment and varies greatly from person to person.  You can read about my thought on tonic selection here –  The best premium tonics to buy for your gin.


I firstly tasted the gin neat and without ice. It is amazing the flavours that you can pick up. This gin is seriously smooth. There is no bitter aftertaste and no alcoholic burn, bottled at 42% I was suprised by just how easily this went down. The juniper is bold and punchy and it is a true London Dry style gin.


When you add ice you release an amazing citrus nose and it mellows the juniper leaving a very mildly pepper spice. With the tonic added it released the juniper notes and citrus zing once again, it was the first time I was stumped for a garnish. This gin needed absolutely nothing added. It was giving it’s all.


I found it to be a great all rounder. Pleasingly rich in juniper this leaves you with a fresh aftertaste and a heady punch.


It has made me rethink my Top 5 Gins …but I will need a few more tastes before I make up my mind!


They always say you should put your money where your mouth is, so while I may have been sent this tester bottle to sample, not long after tasting I was online placing my order! I don’t think it’s going to be long before you are hearing a lot more about this fantastic gin.


For more or to buy some yourself visit Mackintosh Gin

What do you think? Will you be seeking some out for a taste?

For a look at another Scottish gin you should try, check out my review of Oro gin distillery


As alwasy I love to hear from you. What’s your favourite gin on the market just now? Do you chamge up your mixer depending on the gin you’re drinking or do you have a favourite tonic that you stick to? And talk to me about garnishes?


Pam Lorimer


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