‘Mix It Up’ Mojito Recipes

A Mojito made expertly is a wonderous thing. I have never even come close to fixing myself such a thing.  But my mixed up Mojito recipes are something else!

The beauty of Mixology is bringing together flavours that marry well and adjusting them to suit the tastes of the person drinking it.  I have seen a lot of new recipes using gin lately and although I was swayed to try them, I was left feeling underwhelmed. A Mojito for me can be many things, but to take away the rum is to take away the feeling a mojito inspires.

Yet there’s no point telling someone that they HAVE to have a drink a certain way. After all we drink for pleasure!

So I came up with three fun flavours for my Mojitos that are bound to bring you those summer vibes and put a smile on your face!

Raspberry Mojito

Raspberry mojito recipe

• 6 raspberries
• 6 mint leaves
• 1tbp sugar syrup
• 50ml golden rum
• 100ml soda
• crushed ice
• 1/4 lime

Place the raspberries, mint and lime in a glass and muddle – use the end of a rolling pin if you don’t own a muddler. Splash in the rum and syrup and fill with crushed ice. Top with soda and garnish with a few raspberries and mint.

Mango and Basil Mojito

Mango and Basil mojito Recipe

• 1/2 ripe mango
• 1/4 lime
• 4 mint leaves
• 2 basil leaves
• 1 tbsp sugar syrup
• 50ml white rum
• 100ml prosecco
• crushed ice

Chop up the mango and squash with the end of a fork, add to a glass. Muddle  together with the mint, basil and lime.  Add the rum, sugar syrup and fill the glass with crushed ice. Top slowly with the prosecco. To garnish add a slice of mango to the top with some mint. For added flair smack the rim of the glass with a few basil leaves to scent it.

Lemon and Blueberry Mojito

Blueberry and Lemon mojito recipe

• 1/4 lemon
• lime wedge
• 6 mint leaves
• handful of blueberries
• 2 tbsp sugar
• 50ml good rum like Ron Zacappa
• 100ml soda water

Place the blueberries in a pan with the sugar and boil until jam like and reduce slightly. Leave to cool. Muddle the lemon and mint together then add a large tablespoon of the blueberry sauce. Fill glass with crushed ice and give a slight mix. Add the rum and pour over the soda. Top with a squeezed lime wedge.

Do you have a favoirite Mojito?

2018-06-24 19.59.35

Let me know what you think and send me any suggestions! Happy sipping!




  1. Oooh *dribbles*. These look amazing. Especially on a hot sunny day. I think I’d choose the mango and basil mojito as that sounds most unusual to me plus I adore mango.

    Liked by 1 person

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