Review of Wingz – sleeves for dresses

For a while my biggest body hang up was always my thighs. But legs could so easily be covered by tights. Then after having kids it was my belly, out came the control pants. But lately, although I am generally pretty comfortable in my skin, I don’t really like my upper arms. What to do about them?

Most of the dresses and tops I buy have sleeves. But some that I love are sleeveless, meaning I am forced to find cardigans or cover ups if I want to hide my arms.  There is another option out there. I was sent an item through the post that made me really look at my wardrobe, and my style.

Wingz were created by Michelle Ellis after suffering from Lipoedema, she was fed up of feeling self concious about her arms so she designed a pair of ‘arm tights’! She appeared on Dragons Den and even though she wasn’t successful, the exposure led her company to grow.

Wingz sleeves for dresses

In essence, Wingz are a pair of sleeves that are elasticated to go around your bra. They can be adapted to suit nearly all styles of top and provide a way of covering up your arms. Coming in a  range of colous in styles, they could suit most outfits. There are a pair of black lace ones on the website that I know would suit a few outfits I have!

The sizing worried me when I first saw it.  Size 0 is for UK 6-10. Size 1 is for 12-16. Size 2 is for 18-22. Size 3 is for 24-28.

But I received a size 1 and they fit perfectly. I am size 12 and 5ft 8inches. I also got my mum to try this pair on as she is a size 16 and 5ft 2inches and they were a great fit on her too.

The pair I received were the black cowl 3/4 sleeves and the material was a strechy viscose so quite flattering.

Wingz review black cowl

So many nice outfits go away come winter time not to be seen again for months. Wingz could be the solution.

Looking at them I wondered how on earth to go about getting them on. But I just stepped into them like a skirt and pulled them up and slipped my arm into the sleeves up after. There is a handy YouTube video made by the company to help but I can’t imagine anyone struggling that much.

I tried them on with a selection of different dresses and they looked pretty good. I would say that perhaps a more fitted pair would have gave me a better shape in some dresses. But at the same time the slightly ruched shoulders gave a really flttering silhouette. They come in a great selection of styles from lace long length to shorter chiffon flared ones.

My review of Wingz sleeves for dresses

After wearing a pair can confirm that they are really comfortable. The elastic didn’t ride up and the sleeves stayed in place – these had been my biggest fears. They looked like they were part if my dress not an addition to it. Starting at only £9.99 I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who feel self concious about their upper arms. A great alternative to cardigans and a way of breathing new life into dresses that you haven’t worn in a while.

Would you wear a pair of arm tights?

Find out more about Wingz here

I was sent a pair of Wingz in exchange for an honest review.  I promised to publish what I found based on my experience. All views are my own.


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