My Pick of the Best Gin Liquers

Want to buy the most perfect gift for someone or get something that will completely transform your next party?

Then look no further!

Together with a group of eight testers I studiously tasted some of the best and newest gin liquers on the market. So wether you are a lover of gin or a complete novice, read on to discover what we would recommend. One things is for sure, these fruity delights are a great addition to your drink cupboard.


Alnwick Gin.
Never heard of them? You will soon. They are a new distiller, only starting up in 2016 as a small enterprise they have grown to accomodate their growing orders. They have released a range of three fruit liqueurs last year and have managed to bring something completely new to the table. Lime and Ginger, Rhubarb and Strawberry, and Raspberry and Vanilla. The smell from the raspberry and vanilla is incredible and I could see me happily drinking it with ice. It went down a treat with my testers and someone even ordered a bottle as we tasted! The lime one is so bold and flavourful that it could stand up to being added into some great cocktails – splashed into a mojito it was amazing! Definitely worth a look and at they won’t break the bank. If you are looking for bold flavours these are for you. The strawberry and rhubarb was the favourite for a few of the tasters but is a bit sweet for my liking. The strawberry flavour is so intense and everyone agreed these could be drunk as shots.  Alnwick gin


Lakes Distillery Damson Gin
This was my top pick. Subtle yet inviting this liqueur packs a great warming punch without the sugary sweetness of the others. Not bold enough for prosecco in my opinion but incredible served on its own. It went down well with everyone even those who don’t usually like liqueurs. The pink bottle and the others in the range are the most beautiful of all the ones I’ve seen and would make really interesting gifts this christmas and a wonderful addition to a drinks table. The ditillery make both elderfower and sloe varieties and also flavoured vodka. With a great offer of buy 5 for the price of 4 going on at the minute you’d be crazy not to stock up.Lakes website

Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb and Ginger
No liqueur review would be complete without this one. The gin to convert my rum drinking mum, this is the epitome of fruity chaser. I could happily drink this as a short drink and can get through lots of it mixed with fizz as its so moreish. Sweet without being sickly, at 20% its heady enough. You would struggle to find a better crowd pleaser. With new blends all the time you should keep an eye out for their christmas gin and elderflower liqueur.Edinburgh gin


Solway Spirits.
A tiny outfit based in South West Scotland they are making quite a name for themselves. Bringing out a Rhubarb Crumble full strength gin put them on the map. It’s rhubarb flavour was overpowered by the alcohol for me when tatsed neat. However with tonic or lemonade this makes for a refreshing long drink. The rhubarb is delicate and is a really good alternative to your usual gin if you are looking for something different to drink. Their Raspberry Ripple liqueur is the strongers of the liqueurs we tasted – at 28% it packs a punch if that’s what you are after. I found it very sweet and too alcoholic to drink alone though. It smells incredible and went down well with nearly all the testers. One declared it their favourite and it was so good mixed with prosecco. Solway Spirits


Rose Cottage Drinks

Based in the North East of England, I found them at a Country Show on our summer holidays – what a find! We sampled their peach and ginger and their plum and pear. They both elicited lots of delight with the testers from the smell alone. These are impressive and are what you would expect from a fruit liqueur. Slightly more syrupy they are amazing as a topper for prosecco and just as good on their own. A sure fire winner they both won all the votes for flavour.Rose Cottage

So there you have it a quick guide to the best of the liqueurs on the market this year. Let me know what you think and if you have tasted any? How do you like your gin? Keep posted for more from my tasting!


I was sent many of these samples from the distilleries in exchange for an honest review of their product. I did not receive any financial payment for this review and all thoughts and opinions are my own and those of my independant testers.
Pam xxxx


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